About us

We are the best option for your child because of our multicultural enviroment, comprehensive education and complementary activities that helps all our students develop their knowledge, learn and have fun.


Vision: Colegio Internacional de San Salvador exists to provide a multicultural educational environment which promotes academic excellence and encourages students to be inquisitive, compassionate, life-long learners prepared for leadership roles in the global community.

Mission Statement: Colegio Internacional de San Salvador believes in providing a holistic education that inspires students to become life-long enthusiastic learners who value integrity, cultural diversity, and the pursuit of excellence. CISS incorporates an internationally accepted U.S. curriculum and complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Education of El Salvador. Our qualified professionals work with the school community to prepare students to be independent, creative and critical thinkers, and socially responsible global citizens.

To achieve the goals of the Mission Statement a student should be:

  • Innately curious and inquisitive and develop the ability to direct these qualities to the process of problem solving.
  • Aware of the benefits derived from living in a democratic society and possess the necessary knowledge, skills and organizations at all levels.
  • Aware of the aesthetic values to be found in art, music, literature, dance, etc.
  • Understanding of man’s place within the realm of nature and to develop the willingness to preserve this relationship for the benefit of this and future generations.
  • Aware that no one culture lives in isolation from the others and that without an understanding and appreciation of these other cultures peace will never be achieved. – Aware of the significant historical events of the past and the lessons they teach us for the present and future. – Functionally fluent in at least the English and Spanish languages.
  • Developed physically to the maximum of his or her potential and to possess the proper attitude to maintain this level for the remainder of life.


The International School of San Salvador was founded in 1979 by Chester and Nora Stemp, the present proprietors.

The school offers a Kinder-12th grade program of studies modeled on the U.S. educational system and incorporates the requirements of the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. Located in an urban residential area, this small private school meets the needs of students of various nationalities, cultures, and linguistic backgrounds.



1. The foundation of our academic curriculum is based on that of the United States and we comply with the educational requirements of the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, with the purpose of preparing students for success in institutions of higher education.
2. We take pride in the success of our students, given our rigorous curriculum and record
of academic excellence.
3. We recruit competent and dedicated teaching faculty, following AdvancED and MINED
accreditation standards.
4. Our grading system uses the standard U.S. model and facilitates successful transition to
national and international schools.
5. English is the primary language of the school, except in those to be taught in Spanish by MINED.
6. We recognize the importance of respecting the rich traditions and cultural heritage of El
Salvador, and we expect all international students to work toward fluency in the Spanish language.


7. Even though we are a Salvadoran school and follow a U.S. curriculum and calendar, we are proud of our multi-cultural community and the strengths developed through its diversity.
8. Our strong and nurturing school community promotes cooperation between
parents and school.
9. We emphasize the importance of a democratic society.
10. In order to preserve a conservative school identity, maintain a school climate conducive to learning, and to avoid distractions, we require the use of a school uniform and strictly enforce the school dress code.
11. Our Code of Conduct was designed with the purpose of preparing students for success within the disciplinary structure required for future university and work environments.


12. We believe that a holistic education is important, stressing the value of physical and
cognitive development, mental/emotional health, as well as character education.
13. Our teaching philosophy nurtures curiosity and creativity of students and develops critical
and independent thinkers.
14. We promote social responsibility, self-motivation, leadership, and global awareness in our
15. We promote environmental awareness in our academic and extra- curricular activities.
16. We encourage students to learn from the past to prepare for the future.
17. We emphasize self-discipline, mutual respect and personal responsibility.
18. We provide extra-curricular opportunities such as creative arts, athletics, technology, and
leadership oriented activities that allow students to reach their full potential.